WATCH: Naftali Bennett's Prop on Fox News: Grad Rocket Shrapnel

Israel's economy minister uses shrapnel in appeal to American public opinion with Mike Huckabee.

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Tomer Appelbaum

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett used the tail of a Grad rocket to make Israel's case to the American public on Fox News on Saturday.

Speaking to Mike Huckabee about Operation Protective Edge, during which Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets on Israel and Israel has launched hundreds of air sorties over Gaza, Bennett pulled out the piece of shrapnel and described it as one of hundreds launched by Hamas onto Israeli cities.

"Now I'd like every one of your viewers to imagine this missile, this rocket - it's about 8-feet long, filled with explosives and shrapnel – and imagine how they'd feel if one of these rockets fell in their neighborhood, in their children's kindergarten or school or God-forbid on their own home," said Bennett, who was in Tel Aviv, to Huckabee.

"That's what Israel is facing today, and we're not seeing the world really act against that. So we understand we are on our own, and, Mike, we will defend ourselves and we will win."