Olmert's Bureau Chief Set to Begin Serving 11-month Sentence July 15

State prosecution has agreed that Zaken, convicted of corruption, can begin her sentence this month.

Shula Zaken and Ehud Olmert in court.
Shula Zaken and Ehud Olmert in court. Tomer Appelbaum

The woman who managed Ehud Olmert's bureau when he served as finance minister and prime minister appears set to begin serving her 11-month jail sentence for corruption on July 15.

The state prosecution has agreed that Shula Zaken may begin her sentence this month, and the request was filed Wednesday with the Tel Aviv District Court.
Zaken has said she hopes her sentence will be cut down by the standard one-third and she will be home by Passover.

Zaken was convicted in February of taking 150,000 shekels ($43,783) in bribes and of money laundering, and testified against Olmert in the Holyland corruption trial that led to his conviction on accepting bribes to promote the development of a luxury residential complex in Jerusalem.

Olmert was sentenced to six years in prison in May.