Israeli Hang Glider Crashes to Death in Portugal

Competition immediately abandoned after man crashes into tree just before landing.

Illustration: An oversized hang-glider.
Illustration: An oversized hang-glider. AP

An Israeli hang glider competing in Portugal was killed on Monday after crashing into a tree just before landing, Walla reported, adding that Israel's Foreign Ministry confirmed the report.

The Israeli, in his late thirties, was a member of a team of seven Israelis competing in Fundao. A security officer at the competition said that although the precise circumstances of the incident were not yet clear, he ruled out technical malfunctions and the climate as the causes of his crash.

"We know that 10 meters before reaching the landing site, the glider hit a tree," he said, adding that an investigation would be opened in an effort to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

The competition was called off immediately after the incident.