Hamas Calls for Intifada Against Israel

Husam Badran, a Hamas international spokesman based in Gaza, calls for Palestinians to confront IDF soldiers.

First intifada
Israeli soldiers order Palestinian residents of Gaza to clear up debris which, along with burning tires, make up a road block, Dec. 20, 1987. AP

Hamas called on Palestinians Friday to declare an intifada throughout the West Bank and to confront Israeli "forces of Occupation," be it through a popular uprising or individual action.

Husam Badran, Hamas' international spokesman in Gaza, posted Friday on Facebook calling for Palestinians in the West Bank to impede the Israeli army's movement around the West Bank, particularly in the Hebron area, where three Israeli teens are feared kidnapped.

"This is a chance to widen the sphere of resistance and return the West Bank to its natural place as the focal point of the struggle and resistance," Badran was quoted as saying on Hamas' official website, under the headline "Hamas calls on West Bank citizens to declare intifada."

Earlier Friday, Khaled Al-Batsh, a senior member of Islamic Jihad, called on Palestinians to kidnap Israeli soldiers. Speaking at a Friday prayer in Gaza, Al-Batsh said kidnapping soldiers is the most efficient way to bring about the release of Palestinian prisoners.

The declaration comes in the wake of the apparent kidnapping Friday of three missing Israeli teens, one of whom holds U.S. citizenship.