Bennett Calls New Fatah-Hamas Government 'Terrorists in Suits'

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett says it is time 'to go from defense to offense' and urges the annexation of settlement blocs in the West Bank.

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett. Moti Milrod

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett condemned the new Fatah-Hamas unity government on Monday, calling it a "government of terrorists in suits."

In a message on his Facebook page, Bennett said that his "sovereignty program" - the annexation of settlement blocs in the West Bank - is the only solution.

"The government of terrorists in suits established by Fatah and Hamas, the very same organization that in its charter has horrific sentences such as calling for 'killing the Jews who are hiding behind trees and stones,' is an illegitimate government," wrote Bennett. Therefore, the Israeli government decided unanimously not to recognize it or maintain any contact with it.

Bennett stated it is time "to go from defense to offense" and "do what is best for Israel."

The minister wrote he considers his "sovereignty program" as "the only solution on the table today after the Palestinian refusal to make peace and the Israeli left’s refusal to put a new solution on the table."

He cautioned that time is not on Israel's side. "Every day that we do not initiate or act we are endangering Israeli citizens and broadcasting to the world that there is no price for terrorism against Jews," he argued.

Earlier Monday, Bennett responded to the formation of the government by posting anti-Israel and anti-Jewish quotes from the Hamas charter, such as Article 32: "Leaving the circle of conflict with Israel is a major act of treason and it will bring curse on its perpetrators."