Alleged Mobster Agrees to Do Time for Part in Netivot Election Scandal

Shalom Domrani takes plea bargain, will serve 15 months in jail for issuing threats.

Shalom Domrani in court on Sunday, November 24, 2013.
Shalom Domrani in court on Sunday, November 24, 2013. Ilan Assayag

Reputed crime boss Shalom Domrani will confess to issuing threats and serve 15 months in prison, as part of a plea bargain reached with the State Prosecutor’s office over charges of blackmail and extortion in the Netivot municipal election. The plea bargain will be brought to court for approval tomorrowLast November, Domrani and six associates were arrested under suspicion of threatening and intimidating Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan, in an attempt to try to influence the outcome of the mayoral election in the southern town. Ifergan, popularly known as “the X-ray rabbi” because of his reputed ability to make medical diagnoses, did not support the incumbent mayor, Yehiel Zohar.

According to the charges, on voting day Domrani and his men came to the house of Rabbi Yoram Abergil and talked to him and his deputy Emmanuel Elisha. The latter supposedly asked Domrani to intimidate Ifergan, thinking that this would deter Ifergan’s followers from supporting Zohar’s rival Eyal Messika. Following the meeting with Domrani, Ifergan and his followers indeed refrained from supporting Messika, out of fear that they or their families would be harmed. Apparently Domrani had also planned to meet Rabbi Abuhatzeira, another Messika supporter, but he later cancelled this meeting.

Officials in the southern district of the State Prosecutor’s office said “this is a significant achievement by the police and prosecution, in which Domrani will again be convicted of issuing threats, as he was on a previous occasion, leading to significant jail time.”

The State Prosecution closed the case against Abergil last month, after finding no evidence linking him to the threats against Ifergan, but Abergil’s deputy, who had set up the meeting between Domrani and Ifergan, was charged.