Rank and File

Minors with major talent; Mahjong mavens, outstanding Anglos.

Bonei Zion honorees
From left, Bonei Zion honorees Yaakov Kirschen, Lt. Nira Lee, Rabbanit Malke Bina and Prof. Shimon Glick. Shahar Azran

MINORS WITH MAJOR TALENT: Over 300 talented children, plus parents and teachers, attended the opening last Thursday of “With Brush and Pen,” the fourth annual children and teens arts exhibition of the Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel. The display at Jerusalem’s Glassman Center ran the gamut of visual and literary arts, said AACI’s Pat Zabari, noting that this year’s winners received Graphos gift certificates, and all participants received a T-shirt. “We feel strongly about emphasizing each child's participation. The important thing was to give everyone something,” said Zabari. Eliana Cohen distinguished herself by winning first prize in poetry and second in painting. Other winners included Cherut Akerman, Adi Aviv, Hallel Burg, Noa Caplan, Margolit Carroll, Areen Daka, Chava Herman, Adina Niderberg, Yehuda Sussman, and Hadas Zekbach. The exhibit is on display through June 15.

MAHJONG MAVENS OF MODI’IN: The Modi’in MahJ Mavens hosted their second annual “MahJ-a-Thon” mahjong tournament to benefit Neve ESRA, the English Speaking Residents Association’s afternoon care center for at-risk children in the city, on Monday. Rita Katz finished first, while Helen Brandwein, and Sue Haussdorf tied for second. Cynthia Barmor, who co-chairs ESRA Modi’in with Jackie Klein, told Haaretz Wednesday that ESRA adopted the center, which is run by the municipality, to fund additional programs. “We made an arrangement with the city of matching shekels,” said Barmor, who hails from Cape Town. “We have funded parent support groups, extracurricular activities, games, summer programs and are now helping establish an outdoor recreation area.” Volunteers go there every Tuesday for English enrichment, she added. Nechama Namal coordinated the tournament.

OUTSTANDING ANGLOS: Nefesh B’Nefesh, the immigrant assistance organization, held its first annual “Bonei Zion” Prize Award Ceremony in the Knesset yesterday. “The award aims to formally recognize outstanding Anglo immigrants who encapsulate the spirit of modern-day Zionism by contributing in a significant way towards the State of Israel,” said NbN's co-founder and executive director, Rabbi Yehoshua Fass. The honorees among 200 candidates are Joseph Gitler, founder and chairman of the national food bank, Leket Israel; Rabbanit Malke Bina, founder and chancellor of the women’s Torah study institute, Matan; Yosef Abramowitz, CEO and co-founder of solar energy developer, Energiya Global Capital; Jeffrey Hausdorff, director of the Neurodynamics and Gait Research Lab at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center; Yaakov Kirschen, creator of the “Dry Bones” cartoon; Lt. Nir Lee, head of public diplomacy for the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories; and Shimon Glick, dean emeritus at Ben-Gurion University.