Minister Hints at 'Dramatic' Development in Israeli Woman's Murder Investigation

During visit to home of slain Shelly Dadon, 20, public security minister says he hopes day is 'not far off' when the murderers will be arrested.

Shelly Dadon's father, Yaakov Dadon, 2nd left, with other mourners at their Afula home, May 2, 2014. Gil Eliyahu

There has been a "dramatic development" in the investigation into the murder of Shelly Dadon, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Monday after paying a call to the mourning family in Afula.

"The pain is very great," he said. "A girl who finished army service went to a job interview, and they murdered her on the way. I hope the day is not far off that those same murderers will be arrested and pay the price."

Police found Dadon's lifeless body with multiple stab wounds on Thursday afternoon, in an abandoned parking lot on the outskirts of Migdal Haemek's Ramat Gavriel industrial area. They were on a routine patrol at the time. Dadon was 20.

There is a gag order on details of the investigation.

Fifteen minutes after the body was found, Dadon's relatives filed a missing person report with the Afula police station. They said Dadon left home in the morning and was on her way to a job interview in the industrial area, and never heard from her since. Once the family presented a picture of Dadon, police realized she had been murdered.

Yaakov Dadon, Shelly's father, spoke with the media and the many people who came to comfort his family the day after the murder.

"They murdered my daughter in cold blood," he said. "She was a good girl, served in the army and loved the country. She did everything to help others and suddenly you discover she's gone. We can't digest it that in the state of Israel you can't walk anywhere to work … you don't know if you'll return."