Israel, U.S., and Canada to Hold Joint Aerial Drill This Summer

Israel to partner with its two North American allies in order to improve cooperation against terror attacks on civilian planes.

IAF F-16 - Yuval Tebol
IAF F-16B jets. Yuval Tebol

Israel, the United States and Canada will hold a joint aerial drill this summer to improve cooperation against terrorist attacks on civilian planes.

“The drill will allow the three countries to react more effectively to airborne terror,” Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz said on Wednesday, adding that the deal had been signed by transportation officials from the three countries.

Three years ago, Israel and the United States had already signed an agreement to hold joint exercises against terror from the air. Early this year, Israel signed an agreement with Canada as well, paving the way for the drill announced Wednesday.

Last week, Ottawa hosted a conference on handling airborne security emergencies; officials were on hand from the Canadian Transportation Ministry, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration and Israeli Transportation Ministry's security department.

“The conference in Ottawa reflects a commitment from the participating nations to increase cooperation and share essential information in this field, including how best to prepare for and respond to emergency situations,” said Dani Shenar, head of the Transportation Ministry’s security department.