Jerusalem Lawyer Charged With Passing Messages to Hamas Commits Suicide

East Jerusalem attorney, who was due to appear in court, was found hanged in his home.

prisoner - Tomer Appelbaum - November 1 2010
A prisoner. Safadi was one of six lawyers indicted for passing messages from prisoners to Hamas activists. Tomer Appelbaum

An East Jerusalem lawyer recently indicted on charges of contact with a foreign agent and providing services to an illegal organization, killed himself on Tuesday at his home in Jerusalem.

Amjad Safadi, in his late 20s, was one of six attorneys arrested three weeks ago by the police and the Shin Bet security service, and indicted for allegedly carrying messages between prisoners and Hamas activists on the outside. The attorneys, however, said they were providing legitimate legal services to the prisoners.

Similar charges two years ago against attorney Shireen Issawi (who has also been charged in the current case) ended with a plea bargain and a light penalty.

Safadi had been in custody for a few weeks and was released five days ago to house arrest. During his incarceration his family said he was suffering from depression. According to attorney Lea Tsemel, who is representing another suspect in the case, Safadi was examined by the prison service psychiatrist, who found that he was not clinically depressed.

Safadi, who was to have appeared in court yesterday morning for the reading of the indictment, was found hanged in his Old City home. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.