Assailant in West Bank Kills One Israeli, Wounds Two

Two wounded passengers taken to Jerusalem hospitals; security forces surround nearby village.

The car fired upon by West Bank assailant, April 14. 2014.
The car fired upon by West Bank assailant, April 14. 2014. Hatzala, Judea and Samaria

One Israeli was killed and two were wounded Monday evening after an assailant opened fire on three cars driving through the West Bank, the Israel Defense Forces said.

Large forces have surrounded the nearby village of Idna to look for the gunman. "We view harshly this incident on the eve of Passover and we will get our hands on the attackers," the IDF said.

The IDF said Monday night that they believed that a Palestinian terrorist armed with an AK-47 positioned himself by the side of the road and began opening fire at Israeli vehicles that drove by.

Paramedics treated the wounded passengers and announced the death of the driver of one of the cars, a 40-year-old man, after several attempts at resuscitation. A 28-year-old woman suffered moderate wounds and a 9-year-old boy suffered minor chest wounds. They were taken to Jerusalem hospitals.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad issued a statement praising the attack as a "natural reaction to Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians."

In the past year, five Israelis have been killed in West Bank attacks.