Israeli Hackers Track anti-Israel Cyber-attack Perpetrators

Attackers' names, countries of origin, usernames and passwords for various websites published by Israeli hacker team.

Screengrab showing the pop-up message on one of alleged attackers' computers
Screengrab showing the pop-up message on one of alleged attackers' computers Israeli Elite Force

Israeli hackers tracked and publicly revealed 16 internet users who allegedly participated in a cyber-attack against Israel earlier this week, the Israeli website Nexter reported.

The Israeli hacker team Israeli Elite Force published early morning Wednesday a document listing the details of the attackers, including their names, countries of origin and various usernames and passwords.

According to the document, most participants in the OpIsrael attack, organized by Anonymous against Israel, are from Malaysia and Indonesia and the rest hail from Portugal, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia.

One of the Israeli hackers, nicknamed Buddhax, published photographs of some of the alleged attackers, procured by infiltrating their computers and taking pictures using their webcams.

"I'm not big hacker too… But im good enough to expose you," he wrote in a message that popped up on the attackers' computer screens. “Next time do not take part in OpIsrael. We know who you are, we know where you are. Long live Israel!”

On Monday, the pro-Palestinian "hacktivist' collective broke into the Israeli Education Ministry's website, as well as the websites of the Israel Postal Service and the Central Bureau of Statistics, Ynet reported.

Anonymous struck first in November 2012 after Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense assault on Gaza, and again on April 7, 2013. A YouTube video posted by the group on Sunday said it was acting in retaliation for Israel's "crimes against humanity" visited on the Palestinians.