Woman Dies of Rare Condition After Giving Birth to Stillborn Twins

Assaf Harofeh Hospital denies claims of negligence by the husband of Ortal Hillel, who died on Tuesday.

2706_Assaf Harofeh
The entrance of Assaf Harofeh Hospital's emergency room. Uriel Sinai

A 27-year-old Israeli woman died on Tuesday, two weeks after giving birth to stillborn twins. 

The management of Assaf Harofeh Hospital, near Tel Aviv, expressed sorrow on Tuesday over the death of Ortal Hillel, saying that the medical staff had fought hard in an attempt to save the twins' lives.

With that, the hospital took issue with the Maor Hillel, the husband of the deceased, who had accused the hospital of negligence.

Hillel, whose twin fetuses - produced after difficult fertility treatments -- died in her womb two weeks ago, passed away on Tuesday and was buried in Ashdod.

The medical condition that led to Hillel's death was a "spontaneous aneurism of the splenic artery that led to massive bleeding," the hospital stated. "The condition is extremely rare, with only 15 instances documented worldwide. The great majority of the cases resulted in the deaths of both the mother and the fetus."

Hillel's husband said that before she suddenly felt unwell, the fetuses were put on a monitor, and everything was found to be normal. But when her condition declined, surgeons performed a cesarean section to extricate the boys in their 25th week of gestation, but they could not save them.

The Health Ministry is investigating the incident.