Herzog Meets Jordan's King, Both Stress Importance of Peace

Labor Party head and opposition leader Isaac Herzog meets with King Abdullah in Amman, who expresses hope that peace talks will continue.

Herzog, before last week’s  vote. He knew he was going to win.
Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog is preparing the ground for leading a possible coalition if the peace process grinds to a halt. Tomer Appelbaum

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog met with Jordan's King Abdullah in Amman on Monday. Abdullah expressed hopes that a formula would be found for continuing Israeli-Palestinian talks, according to a statement released by Herzog's office.

Herzog reiterated that the Labor Party and other members of the opposition recognize the need to achieve peace and not miss the latest opportunity.

Three weeks ago, a Jordanian judge was shot dead at the Allenby border crossing between the two countries, after he reportedly tried to snatch a weapon from an Israeli soldier. The incident sparked protests in Jordan and led Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to issue a rare statement expressing "regret" for Raed Zueter's death and sending "sympathies to the people and government of Jordan."

The military adjutant general announced Sunday that he had ordered the opening of a Military Police investigation to determine the circumstances of the killing.