Five-year-old Killed in Construction Site in Northern Israel

Truck driver failed to notice the boy and unloaded a load of rocks on him.

Arab al-Naim
Arab al-Naim Wikimedia Commons / Almog

The body of a five-year-old child was found amongst a pile of rocks near a construction site in the Bedouin village Arab al-Naim, in northern Israel. His parents reported him missing an hour before he was found.

Emergency services, who responded at the scene, said the boy was already dead when they arrived and all they could do was pronounce him dead.

A preliminary investigation by the police found that a truck driver that was unloading rocks at the construction site failed to notice the boy, and he was buried beneath the pile. The driver, a 50-year-old man from Sakhnin, was arrested. Police said they would ask to extend his remand on Saturday.

For years Arab al-Naim was an unrecognized settlement. Recently it received legal status, which led to a large number of building permits and construction in the town.