IDF Opens Fire on Suspected Gaza Smuggling Boats

Israeli army reports fire on their naval ships, no injuries; Palestinians in Gaza report four moderate injuries.

Gaza fishermen at sea
Gaza fishermen working at sea. Abduallah Q. Shurrab

The Israel Defense Force fired at two suspected smuggling boats off the Gaza coast early Wednesday.

The two ships were spotted sailing in the direction of Egypt, and upon their return to Gaza, the army opened fire.

Sources in Gaza report four people suffered moderate wounds.

The IDF Spokesperson said forces identified explosions on the boats following army fire. It also reported fire on Israeli naval ships from the Gaza coast. No injuries were reported.

Damage was caused to the Gazan ships.

A similar incident took place two weeks ago, when Gazans fired on Israeli naval ships and the IDF responded with fire.

Last week the IDF uncovered  a tunnel near the border with the Gaza Strip that extended 700 meters into Israel. According to the army, it is deeper than the other three tunnels from Gaza found in the past year and a half.