Palestinian Children Beat Up Settler Who Wandered Into Their Village

Returned to Israel by Palestinian liaison office after he was rescued by local adults.

Homesh - October 2013
Palestinians celebrating the return of Homesh on its sole remaining building, the water tower. Haaretz

The Palestinian liaison office returned a settler who accidentally wandered into a village and was beaten by locals, the Palestinian news service Maan reports.

The settler was rescued by local adults and delivered to the village liason after children began beating him, according to the report.

Complicating the issue is that the settler is reportedly from the former West Bank settement of Homesh, which was one of five evacuated in 2005 and has been gradually repopulated by a creeping process - though all the residential buildings in it were razed.

The village the settler reportedly infiltrated is next-door Burka, on whose lands Homesh is said to have arisen.

For years the Palestinians were prohibited from returning to the lands, which remained subject to a land-seizure order.

In May 2013, the Israeli High Court ruled that the Homesh land should be returned to its original owners. Later that year, Palestinian farmers returned to work their land in the area, a move that Haaretz's Chaim Levinson predicted was likely to spur the settlers in redoubling their efforts to move back themselves - which locals say has already begun happening.