Princeton Locals Find Golan Wine Hard to Swallow

Residents plan to protest presence of Golan Heights wine at restaurant event because it 'is being produced illegally in illegal territory.'

Opponents of the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights are planning a protest Wednesday evening in Princeton, New Jersey, against a restaurant offering wine from the region as part of a special sold out event, reported.

The Mediterra Restaurant and Taverna is holding the event, which pairs wines produced by Tal Pelter with Israeli-inspired dishes, according to the website. However, the presence of wine from occupied territory proved too much to swallow for some locals.

The wine is being produced illegally in illegal territory by illegal settlers that have taken from the people there,” the website quoted Princeton resident Marilyn Jerry as saying. “Such settlements are illegal because international law prohibits an occupier from expelling the native population and settling its own people.”

Jerry said she and others were planning to hand out pamphlets to attendees as they enter the restaurant to inform them of the winery's background.
Carmine DePasquale, Mediterra’s general manager, countered that his restaurant was serving the wine not because of a political stance but rather because of its quality.

“Mediterra is not by any means promoting any illegal activity,” said DePasquale, according to the website. “Our point of holding this event is to showcase the quality of the wine and the winemaker’s talents.”