Islamic Jihad Issues Warning Video - in Broken Hebrew

Get out of our country, find another one, the movement warns Israelis.

The Islamic Jihad's propaganda machine has been expanding its repertoire, it would seem, issuing Thursday its first video clip in Hebrew, according to Israeli media sources.

At least, it's some sort of Hebrew, and is broken down into talking points. The main thrust is to threaten Israeli deaths if the army invades Gaza.

The clip begins with a warning against "the Zionist terrorism government," in heavily accented Hebrew read off a page by a masked narrator, "which wants our missiles to stop" Israel's "evil missiles against our Gaza".

The second point is aimed at "The cowardly Zionist army," for which "We of the al-Quds brigade are prepared", says the narrator. Israeli soldiers will "have no choice:" They will die, he says.

Regarding the people of Israel, the narrator advises that they do not give up their lives "as hostages:" they should leave "our country" and go find somewhere else to live, says the narrator.

The Islamic Jihad has been known to make use of video clips and YouTube to disseminate its messages, though they usually confines itself to Arabic and English. The Hebrew in the video released today is nearly incomprehensible, but the gist is clear enough.