Israeli Arrested for Selling Paragliding Equipment to Iranian

Paragliders have been used in the past by Hezbollah to penetrate Israeli air space.

An Israeli man accused of selling paragliding equipment to an Iranian citizen was released on bail this week by the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, despite a police request that he be remanded until the end of proceedings against him.

Anatoly Cohn, 65, of Kochav Yair, has admitted to the charges of contact with Iran. He was arrested by customs agents at Ben Gurion Airport after freight that he was sending aroused their suspicion. Following his arrest, police raided his house and company, Apco Aviation, in Caesarea and confiscated documents and computers.

Commercial dealings with Iran are illegal under Israeli law.

In asking that Cohn be remanded, the police stated that "he sold professional paragliding equipment to an Iranian citizen and their destination was Iran. We are dealing with professional equipment that can fly considerable distances with a load of many kilograms."

Police suspect that Cohn attempted to cover his tracks by sending the freight through a number of countries, including Jordan and Dubai, and by using a Bulgarian bank for the financial transactions.

In the past, paragliders have been used by Hezbollah, an Iranian client, to penetrate Israeli air space.