El Al Flight From Paris to Tel Aviv Makes Emergency Landing

The Boeing 767 turned back due to a technical fault in one engine and is now on the ground in Paris; this is the third such incident this year.

An El Al flight traveling from Paris to Tel Aviv was forced to make an emergency landing in the French capital Monday due to problems with one of the plane's engines. This was the third time this year that an El Al plane has been forced to make an emergency landing.

Monday's El Al flight 324 turned back to Paris after takeoff,  when the technical fault was discovered. The Boeing 767 jet was on its way to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport.

Two weeks ago, El Al flight 008, a Boeing 747 jet carrying 340 passengers, had to turn back to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport due to a fault in one of the plane's four engines.

Even earlier, at the end of January, ELY551 flight to from Israel to the Bulgarian capital Sofia was forced to make an emergency landing due to poor visibility and not enough fuel on the Boeing 737-800 craft.

In October last year, an El Al Boeing 767 was forced to make an emergency landing in Eritrea, also because of engine trouble. In that incident, a problem was detected in one the jet's engines a few hours into the flight, and the pilots decided to make the emergency landing in Asmara, the Eritrean capital.