Israeli Soldiers Detain Palestinian Trying to Enter West Bank Settlement

Israeli forces search for second suspect who reportedly fled the scene

A general view shows the Jewish settlement of Itamar, March 12, 2011.

Israeli soldiers detained a Palestinian man wearing khaki clothes resembling military uniform as he was attempting to enter the West Bank settlement of Itamar. The Israeli army said that a second Palestinian suspect, who was also dressed in clothes resembling uniform, fled the scene.

The army confirmed that it is still searching for the Palestinian who fled.

According to local settlers, the two men approached the back gate of Itamar where they tried to pose as soldiers in order to enter the settlement. The soldier immediately recognized that they were not soldiers due to their clothes, which did not mention the army's insignia. 

The detained Palestinian was taken for questioning. It was unclear whether the suspect was armed.

According to photos of the scene, the detained Palestinian wore a khaki button shirt that resembled military uniform and was carrying binoculars.