Israel Summons Hungarian Envoy Amid anti-Semitism Concerns

Israel fears the country is unwilling to confront its involvement in the Holocaust and that its politicians are complicit.

Israel's Foreign Ministry summoned Hungarian Ambassador to Israel Andor Nagy on Thursday due to deep concerns over recent anti-Semitic incidents in Hungary.

Nagy met in Jerusalem with Rafi Schutz, vice president for European affairs in the ministry, who expressed Israel's doubts over the country's willingness to confront its involvement in the Holocaust. The concerns are due to a string of recent events, among them a planned memorial to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion into Hungary that portrays Hungary as a victim and not a willing collaborator. Another notable incident is the authorization of the participation of the Nazi Hungarian Dawn Party in the upcoming elections on April 6 despite its explicit anti-Semitic and racist platform.

The Foreign Ministry said that it sees these as dangerous efforts to rewrite the history of the Holocaust and the complicity of Hungarian politicians in such trends.

It was only in January that Hungary made its first official apology for the role it played during the Holocaust.