Day After Bus Bomb

Rocket From Gaza Hits Israel; No Injuries

Rocket fire comes day after bomb blast on bus near Tel Aviv.

The Israeli military said a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit an open area in a southern Israeli village overnight Sunday but caused no injuries.

Police found Monday morning the remains of the Qassam rocket near a bus stop for transporting children in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. The bus stop was damaged only slightly.

The rocket was fired at around midnight Sunday, and sirens sounded in a number of communities in the region. Police said the rocket was fired by Palestinian militants. There has been no claim of responsibility.

"We are continuing to be on the alert and to maintain our routine," said the head of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, Yair Farjun, after the incident. "We trust the Israel Defense Forces to know how to locate the sources of the firing and to put them out of commission."

In recent days there have been several unsuccessful attempts to launch rockets from the Gaza Strip to Israel, and landings have been identified in the sea and in Palestinian territories.

On Sunday, an Egyptian military source told the Palestinian news agency Ma'an that a Qassam rocket that was fired during the day from the Gaza Strip landed in Egyptian territorial waters. The Egyptian source added that the rocket landed 300 meters from the coast of Egyptian Rafah, exploded in the water, and there was no report of casualties. Hamas said that the rocket was fired during a military training exercise, and landed by mistake in Egyptian territory.

Also on Sunday, a pipe bomb believed planted by Palestinian militants exploded on a bus in central Israel. The bus was evacuated prior to its explosion and no one was hurt. It was the most serious attack inside Israel in more than a year.

Late last week, a mortar shell was fired into Israel, causing no injuries.

Rocket fire from Gaza has been sporadic since Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers fought an eight-day battle last year.