Rank and File


Late night TV shows from America may be too late to watch in Israel, but it still isn’t too late to catch some late night comedian stars coming to perform on behalf of the Koby Mandell Association. Next month’s “Comedy for Koby” tour features Andrew Norelli, who has made numerous appearances on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and was called an “A++ comedian” by Jimmy Kimmel; Roy Wood Jr., who has been featured on the latest season of CBS’s “The Late Show with David Letterman;” and Dan Naturman, who also has made numerous appearances on Letterman’s show. Once again, Texas-born comedian Avi Liberman brings them all together in this fundraiser for the foundation, whose stated mission is to run “therapeutic healing programs for those who have lost a mother, father, sister, brother, or child to terrorism.” “Roy Wood Jr. had been mentioned to me by some of the other Comedy for Koby veterans like Bob Zany as a no-brainer, and even though Roy is busy on the show ‘Sullivan and Son’ on TBS, I got lucky that his show isn’t taping when this tour is going on,” Liberman told Haaretz yesterday. The tour opens December 5 in Beit Shemesh, goes through Gush Etzion, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ra’anana, and ends in Modi’in December 12. For more info and tickets, go to www.comedyforkoby.com.


Irish ex-pat members of the Israel Ireland Friendship League and friends from all over Israel will be converging on the Dublin Irish Pub in Herzliya Sunday evening to raise the festive spirits for their annual Hannukah night of entertainment. This year’s live stage show is titled ‘When the Irish and Mediterranean Seas Meet.” League chairman Malcolm Gafson told Haaretz on Monday, “This will be a specially choreographed unique original exotic fusion of traditional Irish and Oriental dance performed by uniting the renowned award-winning dancing talents of Israeli duo Abigail Klein and Yair Werdiger. He added that in the presence of the new Irish ambassador to Israel, Eamonn McKee, and his wife Mary, the evening will begin with kindling the fifth light of Hannukah “accompanied by singing a rare mix of festive traditional Hebrew songs to the tunes of vintage Irish airs.” For more info, call Malcolm at (050) 822-1732.


One of the most defiant public acts of Dutch support of the Jews during the WWII Nazi occupation transpired November 26, 1940, when Professor Rudolph Cleveringa spoke out against the forced dismissal of Jewish colleague Eduard Meijers. Since 1946, the Dutch have commemorated this moment with an annual honorary lecture on the anniversary. In Israel, Dutch immigrant association Irgoen Olei Holland has done the same for the past three years, most recently on Tuesday when over 200 people heard former Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal speak at Tel Aviv University.

The event was co-sponsored by the Alumni of Leiden University - represented by Dave Wolf - in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands. Ambassador Caspar Veldkamp revealed to the audience that Rosenthal, a former professor in Rotterdam and Leiden, inspired him as a young student to take the diplomatic path, and admitted that he was not one of Rosenthal’s “better students.” Rosenthal discussed the significance of the recent revolutions in the Arab world and developments in the Middle East for Israel. Noting ambivalence over America’s commitment to the region, he observed a seeming “rapprochement between the very strange bedfellows of Israel and Saudi Arabia.