Tropical Rain and High Temperatures to Continue Until the Weekend

Rain fell in local showers throughout the country on Wednesday, with the highest rainfall recorded in the central Emek Hefer region.

The tropical weather that covered the country on Wednesday is expected to continue into Thursday and Friday – with widespread rain and thunder showers, but relatively high temperatures.

Rain fell over most of the country on Wednesday, from the north to the central Negev. The highest rainfall in the country, 25 millimeters, was measured in the central Emek Hefer area early Wednesday morning. Tel Aviv experienced only a few millimeters of rain.

The sea on Wednesday was rough, with waves of up to 180 centimeters and a northwesterly wind of between 20 and 40 kilometers per hour.

Flash floods are possible in the Negev and Judean Desert through Friday.
The meteorological service said the tropical weather was the result of the meeting of two weather systems over Israel - warm air moving into the area from the direction of Saudi Arabia and colder air at a higher altitude, entering from the north. The meeting between the two systems results in widespread rain and thunderclouds, while temperatures remain relatively high.

The rain is expected to drop off and temperatures to increase on Saturday.