Mortar Shells From Syria Strike Israel's North; IDF Fires Back

Shells appear to be result of errant fire from Syria; dozens of such shells have hit northern Israel over course of the Syrian civil war.

Mortar shells struck the northern Golan Heights on Wednesday, leaving one soldier with light shrapnel wounds to his face and arms, and another suffering from shock. The shells appear to have been fired from Syria, and hit Israel by mistake. The Israeli army responded by firing a Tammuz missile across the border. 

The two soldiers were hospitalized in Safed Medical Center.

Dozens of errantly fired mortar shells have landed in northern Israel over the last year, as a result of spillover from the fighting in Syria.

The IDF has not released an official count of shells to have fallen on the Israeli side of the fence that has was built in the area, as most of the shells fell in the zone that marks the 1974 armistice line, while only seven shells fell in Israel proper.

The IDF has filed a complaint with the UN, claiming that Syria has violated the terms of the ceasefire. UN peacekeepers have also inspected the area and filed complaints as well.

Israel has returned fire on occasion and has vowed to respond to any violation of its security interests.