Israeli Man Bitten by Shark Off Ashdod Coast

Attack took place on a fish farm ten kilometers from shore; man suffered moderate wound.

A 26-year-old man was bitten by a shark on Sunday off the Ashdod coast. The man, whose hand was partially severed, was working on a fish farm ten kilometers from shore when he was attacked. He was taken to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital.

"Sharks can usually be found in the area," Dr.Aviad Scheinin of HaMaarag, Israel’s National Ecosystem Assessment Program, told Haaretz. "Recently, dozens and even hundreds of sharks have swarmed the area."

Based on the description of the case the fish in question was probably a dusky shark, Scheinin said, adding that not much is known about that species.

Several shark species visit Israel's shores every year. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority tries to prevent their capture by fishermen as these sharks are considered an endangered species.

Dusky sharks frequent warm seas worldwide and aren't fussy about their food, but are not normally known to attack humans. The largest specimens can reach 14 feet in length. The species has become endangered due to its slow reproduction rate and overfishing.