Five Killed in Day of Traffic Accidents Across Israel

In one of four fatal accidents, man falls out of truck and is run over by the trailer it is towing.

A 27-year-old man whose car collided with a truck carrying gas canisters was one of five people killed Sunday in four separate traffic accidents.

The collision took place on Route 31, near Shoket Junction, killing the driver of the car and seriously injuring his wife. The truck driver suffered mild injuries and was treated on the spot.

“The driver of the car, a 27-year-old man, was trapped in his seat in very serious condition, unconscious, not breathing and without a pulse,” said paramedic Johnny Susan. “We tried to give him medical care and resuscitate him, but his condition was extremely serious, and we were soon forced to declare him dead.”

Susan said the man’s wife, who is also 27, got out of the car with help from passersby and was taken to Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva with stomach injuries.

There are many casualties every year from accidents that take place on Route 31, a two-lane road that has many sharp curves and is unlighted most of the way. Work was begun to improve the road last year.

In another accident, two men in their 20s were killed before dawn when their car collided with a truck on Route 65 near Mitzpeh Netofa, between the Golani and Kadarim junctions.

Naziyeh Slayeh, one of the paramedics on the scene, said the car was completely demolished.

“When we reached the site, we saw it was a horrific accident,” he said. “The car was completely crushed and smashed to pieces; the two young men who were driving in it flew out and were killed on the spot.”

“We tried to see if we could save them, but given the force of the accident and their severe injuries, we had to declare them dead,” he added.

Also Sunday, a motorcyclist was killed on Duani Boulevard in Yavneh.

At Zichron Yaakov Junction, a man who opened the back door and fell out of the truck in which he was riding was run over by the trailer the truck was towing.

The truck driver, 44, was detained for questioning.

In addition, a truck hit 12 vehicles parked on Tel Aviv’s Feuerberg Street on Sunday and fled the scene. That accident caused no casualties.