Netanyahu on Rohani's NBC Interview: Don't Be Fooled

Prime Minister's Bureau says Iranian president put media spin on nuclear ambitions 'in order to allow centrifuges to keep on spinning.'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office on Thursday accused Iran of attempting to deceive the international community while moving forward with its nuclear program.

"Don't be fooled by the Iranian president's fraudulent statements," the Prime Minister's Bureau said in a statement released hours after NBC News aired an interview with Hassan Rohani.

"… The Iranians put a media spin [on their nuclear ambitions] in order to allow their centrifuges to keep on spinning," the statement added.

Netanyahu's aides challenged Rohani's claims that Iran isn't pursuing nuclear weapons.

"The Iranian regime's goal is to reach a deal that would require it to give up an insignificant part of its nuclear program, while allowing it to … charge forward quickly toward acquiring a nuclear weapon whenever it chooses."

To convince the world otherwise, Iran would have to stop enriching uranium, get rid of the uranium that it had already enriched, dismantle the nuclear facility at Qom and halt its plutonium program, the statement added.

"Until these four steps are taken, the international community must increase pressure on Iran," the statement said.

The bureau dismissed an accusation by the Iranian leader that Israel was the source of unrest in the region.

"Rohani says in the interview that Israel is responsible for the instability in the region, while Iran sends its people to massacre innocent civilians in Syria and encourages terror around the world," the statements said.

Asked about former President Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust, Rohani declined to say whether he held the same view, saying "I'm not a historian. I'm a politician."

The Prime Minister's Bureau statement said that , Rohani "like Ahmadinejad was not prepared to recognize the existence of the Holocaust. You don't have to be a historian to recognize the existence of the Holocaust - you have to be human."