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Walking tours: Sukkot is a popular time for families to explore Israel, and the AACI is doing its part by continuing its traditional walking tours for the holiday week. "AACI started offering walking tours during the intifada as a way to give a boost to the tour guides when overseas tourism declined," recalled AACI program coordinator Elayna Weisel. "Over the years, the walking tours became so popular that we have continued them and know that our members and their overseas guests look forward to them." Weisel told Haaretz this week that one special feature this year is the addition of tour guide Moshe Kahan, "whose background includes medical clowning" as well as lecturing in Israel and abroad about important Jewish historical personalities. His September 27 tour of Jerusalem will include the "sights, sounds and smells of Mazkeret Moshe, Ohel Moshe, the Rand-Munkatch-Broyde Legacies and the House of the Rising Sun," she said. The first tours of the Patriarch's route, the pre-1967 Jerusalem borderline and Rehavia will be led next Friday (September 20) by Ari Salomon, Dani Barkai and Salomon, respectively. For more tours and reservations, go to www.aaci.org.il.

South Africans do their best to prepare for the worst: With uncertainty hovering in the Middle East, Telfed has turned to its Southern African constituents to prepare for dire developments - and has received an overwhelming response. Over 200 people have volunteered to host other Southern Africans should the need arise, according to Sharon Bernstein, Telfed's employment advisor who is also part of the absorption staff team. " The absorption team decided to invite our Southern African community in Israel to offer their homes should an emergency situation of any kind arise, during which people might have to evacuate other areas of the country," she told Haaretz Tuesday. "We made the decision based on a possible emergency situation in the north owing to the volatile situation in Syria ," noted Telfed's Dorron Kline. "We have had a heart-warming response," added Bernstein, who was born in Zimbabwe, moved to Israel in 1986 and has been a member of the Telfed staff for 25 years. "We are adding their details to our data base, which will enable us to pull out lists in any areas at any time."

Save your marriage: "So many workshops may focus on problem relationships," says Sally Klein-Katz, organizer, presenter and veteran member of the Jewish Marriage Encounter. "This makes good marriages even better as it teaches a well-established, successful method of communication and approach to marriage," Klein-Katz, an Allentown, Pennsylvania native who attended her first workshop with her husband Michael 36 years ago prior to moving to Israel in 1985, told Haaretz Tuesday. "All of us are volunteers who see this program as a way to improve communication, not only in our marriages, but in all of our relationships," said Judy Enteen, one of the local group's founders. The October 10-11 workshop will take place in Ma’aleh Hahamisha in Hebrew and in English. For more info, contact Norman Enteen 02 5335014, 0526886446 or ente@netvision.net.il

Rank and File was compiled by Steven Klein.

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