News in Brief

Teacher charged in accidental death of student

A highly unusual indictment charging a teacher with causing a student’s death by negligence was filed in the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court yesterday. The defendant, Yosef Yehoshua Eliav, 54, of Neveh Daniel, is vice-principal of Jerusalem’s Horev high school. During a school trip up north in May 2010, eighth-grader Eviatar Avivi drowned while swimming at Ganei Huga, near Beit She’an. Eliav had organized the trip and was responsible for it, the indictment said, including ensuring that safety rules were followed. Nevertheless, he let the students go swimming at Ganei Huga without first ensuring that they knew how to swim or obtaining their parents’ permission, as well as with the approval of the Education Ministry. In so doing, he took a risk that any reasonable person should have known might end in death, according to the indictment. (Eli Ashkenazi)

Accused denies shaking his baby son until he died

A man accused of shaking his infant son to death denied the charges this week in testimony to the Tel Aviv District Court. According to the indictment, he shook both of his 5-month-old twins, grabbing them under the armpits so tightly that he broke their ribs and ultimately killed one. But he said the charge was based on false testimony by his wife, who has since divorced him. “I never hurt my children and never intended to hurt them,” he said. “They’re the most precious thing in the world to me.” He also denied apologizing to his wife, something prosecutors had cited as supporting evidence of his guilt. (Revital Hovel)