Report: Hezbollah Smuggled Burgas Bomb Gear From Poland

Bulgarian daily Trud reports that suspect Meliad Farah assembled the bomb, while Hassan El Hajj Hassan activated the explosive remotely.

The terrorists behind the Bulgaria bus attack last year smuggled from Poland the parts to make the bomb that killed five Israeli tourists and their driver, Bulgarian daily newspaper Trud reported Monday.

Three of the terrorists, thought to be Hezbollah operatives, including the yet unidentified bomber, traveled to Bulgaria from Warsaw on June 28 of last year with the detonator and remote control, Trud said, citing investigators.

Meliad Farah, Leabnese-born Australian citizen, also known as Hussein assembled the parts into the bomb that eventually claimed 6 lives in the Black Sea resort city of Burgas, Trud said.

Bulgaria last week identified Farah and Hassan El Hajj Hassan, a Canadian citizen born, as accomplices in the attack.

The third terrorist whose identity is unknown was carrying the explosive, which was triggered remotely, according to the report.  

Trud reported that investigators suspect Hassan activated the bomb and they believe Farrah might have left the country before the attack.

Hezbollah had wired almost $100,000 to the two named suspected terrorists ahead of the bombing, according to 24 Hours daily newspaper.

The attack contributed to the European Union's decision last week to list Hezbollah's military wing as a terror organization.