15 Year-old Boy in Serious Condition After Falling Off Roof

Neighbors in town in central Israel call police with noise complaint against local teenagers, when police respond boy is heard falling off roof of house, receiving serious blow to the head.

A 15 year-old boy was seriously injured early Friday morning after falling off the roof of a house while hanging out with friends.

Police were called to a public garden in the central Israel town of Shoham around 2 A.M. Friday morning following a noise complaint made by neighbors against the teenagers. A policeman and an inspector requested that the teenagers leave the area and head to one of their homes. While the teenagers were still in the process of leaving the area, those present heard a scream and a loud thump. They rushed to spot where the noise had come from, and found a teenager suffering from a heavy blow to the head.

A Magen David Adom crew arrived at the scene, provided immediate medical care to the teenager and brought him to the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. The boy was reported in serious condition and was both sedated and on a respirator.

According to the initial investigation, the boy had climbed onto a tiled roof and then apparently slipped and hit his head. It was still unclear from the investigation if the teenager has climbed the roof to avoid the police or whether it was some sort of prank.