News in Brief

Ultra-Orthodox sex offenders in Brooklyn named and shamed

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, who has been investigating sex crimes in the community for four years, released the names in a policy shift, according to the New York Post. Previously, Hynes had felt that releasing the names could further hurt victims or deter others from coming forward. “We feel now it’s good for the community to know those who have been convicted,” said Hynes spokesman Jerry Schmetterer. The DA’s office is encouraging victims from the community to contact an anonymous hotline called Kol Tzedek, Hebrew for “voice of justice,” set up to snare the community’s sex offenders. Calls to Kol Tzedek have resulted in 25 convictions. ‏(JTA‏)

Writers to Piron: Keep the literature exam

The General Union of Writers in Israel has asked Education Minister Shay Piron to retract the idea of doing away with the matriculation exam in literature. In their letter to the minister, the writers asked that “Hebrew literature be given the status of a protected flower, not to be uprooted by the winds of a passing fad. We expect you to check whether or not you have inherited advisers who are surrounding you with empty programs and weaving webs of nothingness.” The letter was in response to Piron’s reform to reduce the number of matriculation exams required of high school students to either six or four. ‏(Maya Sela‏)

Famed Warhol works coming to Tel Aviv

Twenty-six works by Andy Warhol will be displayed at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art next month in an exhibit from the collection of Joseph Mugrabi of New York. The exhibit, entitled “Wanted,” opens on August 8. The Mugrabi Collection includes 800 of Warhol’s works. Those to be displayed at this exhibit include such famous works as Warhol’s Coke bottle and portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor,Elvis Presley and Mao Zedong, as well as several self-portraits. The exhibit will also feature 16 works from four other artists: Tom Wesselmann, Richard Prince, Adam McEwen and Jean-Michel Basquiat. ‏(Avner Shapira‏)