News in Brief

18 killed, 25 hurt in Moscow bus crash

Eighteen people were killed and 25 injured when a truck ploughed into a bus in a Moscow suburb on Saturday, according to the Russian emergency ministry. The crash occurred near Oznobishino, about 25 miles south of Moscow city center, when a truck carrying gravel turned onto a main road and drove into the bus, which was broken in two by the force of the collision. An eyewitness video of the crash, broadcast on state television, showed the green and white passenger bus’ windows shattering as it split in half, forcing other vehicles to swerve wildly out of its way. ‏(Reuters‏)

Norway could provide broadband coverage in Arctic

Norway may provide high-speed Internet coverage in one of the few places on Earth where it’s not available: the Arctic. The Norwegian Space Center is assessing the feasibility of a new satellite system in the region. Space center director Bo Andersen said Thursday that the system could be in place in the early 2020s if it gets the necessary funding. The estimated cost is 2-4 billion kroner ‏($330 million-$650 million‏). Demand for high-speed Internet in the Arctic is expected to grow as shipping, fishing and oil companies move north amid warming temperatures and melting ice. ‏(AP‏)