The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, June 25

From efforts to restart peace talks that will lead to significant results to the IDF's reevaluation of their capability in the event of a military flare-up. brings you the top 8 headlines you might have missed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel's goal is not just to restart peace talks, but to keep them going until significant progress is made.

Neither Israel nor the U.S. has presented Palestinian leaders with a viable initiative, top Palestinian Authority officials told Haaretz. Israel still refuses to accept their desired formula for the talks, which is based on the '67 borders and the release of prisoners.

Netanyahu is losing Likud support, party sources told Haaretz. With the upcoming election of Likud's governing institutions, the party is likely to become more right-wing and more hostile to the prime minister.

The IDF is making plans to purchase new tank transporters to improve its tank and armored personnel mobility in the event of a sudden military flare-up; soldiers training in the Negev will be moved farther from the front. The decision stems from last November's Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza, which revealed that the shortfalls in this capability are more severe than previously thought.

A UN panel slammed Israel for detaining migrant children and is urging an immediate end to the policy. The committee expressed concerns about an increase in the number of migrant workers' children – including children born in Israel – being detained since August 2011.

The Begin-Prawer plan passed its first Knesset reading and vote by a slim margin; 43-40. The plan, which would see 20,000-30,000 Bedouin resettled in recognized towns has raised the ire of the local community, and prompted Arab MKs to rip apart the draft.
Here is a comprehensive guide to the Prawer-Begin bill.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's national security advisor, Maj. Gen. (res.) Ya'akov Amidror, has resigned amid concern over possible conflict of interest related to the country's energy industry. The office of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is currently investigating the matter.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia's health is deteriorating, causing tensions to rise in the kingdom about who will be his successor. Prince Muqrin, a former intelligence chief who studied in Britain and the U.S. and is one of the king's most trusted associates is one potential candidate for the throne, and may turn out to be a key player in tomorrow's Middle East.