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BLOOMING PARTY: For those who missed St. Patrick’s Day in March, fear not - Ireland’s second most popular holiday, “Bloomsday,” is coming up next week. The Israel Ireland Friendship League is inviting members and friends to join them in celebrating Bloomsday on Sunday at Temple Bar Gellilot in Ramat Hasharon. “The League joins all its sister organizations in Ireland and worldwide expat Irish communities for Bloomsday festivities celebrating the day of June16, 1904, as depicted in illustrious Irish author James Joyce’s universally acclaimed novel ‘Ulysses,’”Malcolm Gafson, who is organizing the event, told Haaretz this week. Gafson noted that the novel follows that day in the life and thoughts of the main character, Leopold Bloom (for whom the day is named), as he walks about Dublin. Bloom is of Jewish ancestry, Gafson added. The festive occasion, which will include a live fusion of Irish/Mediterranean music performed byUri Miles, will be held in the presence ofIrish Ambassador Breifne O’Reilly, who will also be one of the judges for the “Pour Your Own Perfect Pint of Guinness” competition − Guinness being Bloom’s favorite drink.

BARBERSHOP AT 30: Some 150 people enjoyed an evening of harmony and humor with the Jerusalem Barbershop Ensemble, which held its 30th anniversary concert at the capital’s Fuchsberg Center on Sunday. The ensemble includes founderJoe Romanelli (New York City);Roger Friedland (Florida/Texas);Ian Cohen (London);Dani Barkai (Haifa/Toronto); Howard Clapsaddle (New York); andR. Martin Rogovein (Texas). Singing a cappella, they performed a range of tunes, from traditional folk music to modern songs. Most were in English, but the group also performed some Hebrew translations of English songs. “Our ringleader, Joe, took an old song called ‘Baby Face’ and put our own words to it as our 30th anniversary song,” Barkai told Haaretz yesterday. Other classics sung by the group include “Sitting on Top of the World,” “Danny Boy,” “Somewhere” and “For the Longest Time.”


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