The Top 8 Headlines You Might Have Missed / Haaretz Newsline, June 12

From the Mossad chief’s secret visit in Turkey to Netanyahu forbidding his party’s ministers to attend the launch of a pro-settlement caucus. brings you the top 8 headlines of the day.

Mossad director Tamir Pardo secretly visited Ankara in recent days, Turkish media reported, and met with his Turkish counterpart. The two discussed the crisis in Syria, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the anti-Erdogan protests.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu distanced himself from a joint statement drafted with Poland on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in a diplomatic embarrassment prior to his departure for a summit meeting with the Polish government.

In what seems as an attempt to avoid additional embarrassing declarations, Netanyahu forbade ministers from his Likud party to attend the launch of a Knesset pro-settlement caucus.

Britain refused to provide Israel with certain types of military equipment in recent years out of fear that it would be used for “internal repression,” a report by the British government reveals.

Israel denied selling military equipment to Pakistan after Haaretz, citing British officials, reported that Israel had sold arms to Islamabad.

Austria's 377 peacekeeper troops began withdrawing from the Golan Heights despite of a UN plea for more time. UNDOF was tasked in 1974 to monitor the cease-fire agreement between Israel and Syria.

Israel is expected to approve exports of natural gas, but in smaller amounts than a government panel recommended last year.

Israeli schools are assigning teachers with stronger math backgrounds to teach their best students, rather than their weakest ones as the Education Ministry orders, a new study has found.