Letter to Readers From Haaretz Publisher Amos Schocken

Marking the first anniversary of Haaretz's digital subscription, a personal message to our loyal readers, in Israel and abroad.

Dear Haaretz Reader,

As we mark the first anniversary of introducing digital subscriptions for Haaretz.com, I would like to thank you for being one of our many readers. I hope that you have appreciated the premium content that the reporters, writers and editors of Haaretz have provided throughout the past 12 months. If you haven’t purchased a subscription yet, allow to me to suggest that now is the time.

We are continuing in the transformation of Haaretz from a print newspaper to a modern multi-platform news organization.  Following the successful launch a year ago of digital subscriptions for English readers, we have also become the first Israeli news organization to introduce digital subscriptions in Hebrew as well.

Throughout this time, we have maintained our commitment to provide our readers in Israel and abroad with the most relevant and professional news, opinion and analyses. We have enlisted top-notch reporters, editors and writers and have significantly expanded our unique, English-language coverage of the turbulent Middle East and the evolving Jewish Diaspora.

We have continued to serve, we believe, as an indispensable cornerstone of Israeli liberalism and democracy and to stand firm against shortsighted and often dangerous winds of the day.

If you decide to purchase a subscription at this time, you will gain unlimited access to our multi-platform products. You will reaffirm your membership in the greater community that is Haaretz.com. And, if you allow me, you will be standing up and be counted for your continuing support of the core values of freedom, democracy, pluralism and transparency to which all of us at Haaretz aspire.

I wish to thank you for reading Haaretz and to personally invite you to purchase your digital subscription. We look forward to seeing you with us as we progress.


Amos Schocken