Tel Aviv, Is That Still You?

A memory in every corner: a photographic paean to a changed city

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Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik

Wandering the streets of Tel Aviv, the so-called city that never stops, I was flooded with memories of the complex relationship I have with my hometown

It’s the city I grew up in. It was always a good friend. Even on the lonely days. My relationship with it, and perhaps its relationship with me, was always one of love-hate.

I saw it change before my eyes over the years. From the days when every time I’d go out, I would meet someone I knew. The 1990s on Allenby Street. With a lot fewer bars. Over three decades Tel Aviv has grown; from year to year real estate prices have skyrocketed. Everything involves a lot more money, everything involves a lot more competition now. 

There’s a memory in every corner. An unforgettable night, a break-up, the sea, the summer sun. Observing the sun through closed eyes. Afternoons with sounds of construction. Coming home from a night out in the early morning light. This year Tel Aviv was hit by a gust of wind from an unexpected direction – a global gust. 

Perhaps it will never return to what it was before. Perhaps what it was has long since disappeared.

Daniel Tchechik is the editor of the Haaretz photo blog. His works have been displayed at Israel's top museums, as well as at exhibitions and fairs overseas.

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