'Deal or No Deal': Declassified Oslo Accords Documents Show Uncertainty From All Sides

Expelling settlers from Hebron, an undivided Jerusalem and a Palestinian state – When Rabin complained to Arafat and Peres admitted a historic mistake

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(L-R) Egyptian President Mubarak, Palestinian President Arafat, U.S. President Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and Jordan's King Hussein after signing the Oslo II agreements, 1995.
Ofer Aderet
Ofer Aderet
Rabin and Arafat's signatures along with the witnesses' to the Cairo agreementCredit: Israeli Zvika
(R-L) Y. Arafat, U.S. pres. Clinton, King Hussein, Egyptian pres. Mubarak and P.M. Rabin before the Oslo II signing ceremony at the White House. Credit: לעמ