This Is Israel's Greatest Enemy, According to a Former General and Shin Bet Chief

A new book by former navy and Shin Bet chief-turned-politician Ami Ayalon aims to decipher the collective DNA of Israel, Zionism and Judaism

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Ami Ayalon (center)  at the Great Bitter Lake in Egypt.
Ami Ayalon (center) at the Great Bitter Lake in Egypt.Credit: Courtesy of Ayalon
Yossi Melman head
Yossi Melman

“At some point between 1973 and 2002, we were victorious. The victory lay in the decision of all the Arab League states to recognize Israel’s existence based on the United Nations resolutions. That decision was the reason we fought, and we aspired to it from the day the state was established. Our enemies accepted the fact of our existence in this land, based on the conditions we had demanded for years. The continuation of the war, after we were victorious, makes it unjust and immoral; but beyond that, the continuation of the war after we were victorious will bring about the end of the Zionism that envisions a Jewish, democratic state in the spirit of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.”