'I'm Jewish, Arab, Gay, and Living in a Muslim Country. Marrakech Is Heaven'

When it comes to fashion, Paris is no longer important and neither is Vogue, declares fashion designer Artsi Ifrach, which is why he left the City of Light for Morocco. He tells Haaretz why fashion doesn't exist in Israel and why the burka is inspiring

Designer Artsi Ifrach.
Designer Artsi Ifrach.Credit: Suzanne Holtgrav
Ofir Hovav
Ofir Hovav

Once every decade, give or take, clothing designer Artsi Ifrach, who’s pushing 50, packs his bags and relocates. His present abode is Marrakech, though there’s no telling whether this will be his last port of call. Before it were Jerusalem, where he was born, then Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Paris; Tokyo or Milan might be next.