'Mr. Prime Minister, Do You Believe What You’re Saying? It's Embarrassing': The Netanyahu Interrogation Transcripts

The interrogators dropped bombshell after bombshell, constantly catching Netanyahu off guard. Time and again he pounded on the table. He spoke frankly about his wife, his children. The interrogators accused him of lying, said his replies were embarrassing. Don’t talk to me like that, he retorted. They did not knuckle under

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Gidi Weitz
Gidi Weitz

Three police interrogators sat opposite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the study of the official residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. “This is being recorded on video and audio,” they informed him. “Please speak into the microphone.” The cameras were switched on. The proceedings were relayed live to the office of the attorney general, Avichai Mendelblit. The interrogation of the prime minister was underway.