Why Orthodox Jews Believe Studying Torah Protects From COVID-19

And how Judaism reconciled the conundrum of why the righteous may suffer and the wicked thrive over the ages

Elon Gilad
Elon Gilad
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As the pandemic rages, some in the ultra-Orthodox community continue to cram into yeshivas to study, flouting the warnings of health officials, and to hold mass events. The ultra-Orthodox community knows all too well the dangers of COVID-19. Why then would they put themselves and others at risk?

Of course, as with any decision made by a multitude of people, there is not one single answer. Still, broadly speaking, we may say that there are two main concepts underlying this conduct: though studying Torah may lead to death in a time of a pandemic, its importance is so great that the price is worth it; and the faith that while congregating may be dangerous to some, this is not the case for those studying in yeshivas for they are protected from danger, including deadly viruses, by virtue of their Torah study.