The Second Intifada Still Rages on Wikipedia

For almost 20 years, Wikipedia has documented the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Attempts to keep the peace in the narrative war between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian editors now shape how the online encyclopedia deals with all conflicts

Omer Benjakob
Omer Benjakob
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When the Cunctator made the edit – only the second on Wikipedia’s page about the second intifada – he had no idea that this article, then less than 4 minutes old, would be edited over 4,500 times over the next two decades and viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

It’s spelled “al-Aqsa, not Al-Aqsa,” he wrote, fixing the opening line of the article, which at the time read: “The al-Aqsa, or Second Intifada, is the wave of violence that is still underway between Israel and the Palestinians.”