The Gamble That Paid Off: How Israel Sealed Moderna COVID Vaccine Deal Early in the Game

Moderna revealed that its clinical trials were a roaring success, and Israel is poised to reap the benefits of a long journey to the coronavirus vaccine

Ronny Linder
Ronny Linder
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In the wake of Moderna’s reports of success in the phase 3 clinical trial of its coronavirus vaccine, Israel finds itself in an excellent position. Having signed a deal with the company in June, Israel is slated to be among the first countries to receive the vaccine once it is approved.

We won’t see a panicked rush to sign a deal this time, as was the case with Pfizer last week, and Israel will not be shoved to the bottom of the heap. Under the terms of the contract with Moderna, the company will supply two million doses of the vaccine – enough for one million Israelis. However, just as was the case with Pfizer, this is contingent on Moderna’s ability to actually supply the vaccine.