Plan to Name Former Right-wing Politician to Head Yad Vashem Enrages Holocaust Survivors

Opponents decry candidate Effi Eitam, an ex-lawmaker and IDF commander known for harsh anti-Arab remarks, as a ‘lightning rod’ for ‘haters of Israel, anti-Semites and supporters of BDS,’ unsuited to sensitive post at Holocaust authority

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The plan to appoint a former far-right politician and military commander as chairman of Yad Vashem has sparked outrage among prominent Holocaust survivors in Israel, the organizations that represent them and members of the so-called “second generation.”

Effi Eitam, a former lawmaker and leader of the now-defunct National Religious Party, who has called for the expulsion of West Bank Palestinians and the ouster of Israeli Arabs from the Knesset, was recently nominated for the high-profile post by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Zeev Elkin. Elkin is a Likud cabinet minister whose portfolio includes jurisdiction over Yad Vashem, the national institution for Holocaust remembrance, in Jerusalem.