Netanyahu Trying to Harm Israel’s Ties With Biden, Government Sources Allege

Netanyahu says he is trying to warn against 'dangerous' policies, but his critics say he is deliberately working to undermine the Bennett government's standing in Washington, at all costs

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Sources within Israel’s new government have accused opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu of deliberately trying to harm Israel’s strategic relationship with the United States, at a sensitive time when the Biden administration is planning its next moves regarding the nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Ever since he lost power two weeks ago, Netanyahu has made a series of public comments related to the U.S.-Israel relationship that have angered members of the new government. The Likud leader made these comments not only in Hebrew, in order to influence domestic public opinion, but also in an English-language statement posted on his popular social media accounts – a step his critics called a direct attempt to sabotage Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s working ties with the Biden administration.

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